About Ningen Headwear

I have always been an arts & crafts type of person. I have explored & experimented with many types of media & activities but have currently seemed to have found my niche with sewing. Specifically sewing hats that I find to be fun & cuddly.

I love being creative and getting that kid-like feeling of wonder & amazement when I make something that I love. Making things with my own hands and seeing people's pleasure with my finished product makes me happy.

I first started making hats in 2005 as a means to make some extra money while I stayed home with my two young daughters. It was also a way to keep my hands busy being creative. Over the years, a few things have changed-different styles, different materials and a young son joining us to make our family complete.

I feel lucky & privileged to stay at home with my husband & three beautiful children and use my passion to create cute little things for others to adopt as their own.

A love for Anime inspired my shop name. The word "Ningen" translates as the word "Human" in Japanese. As my product lines continue to grow with new items, such as headbands and clip on ears, I hope that you will continue to follow my progress in the years to come.

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